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Club PDA is please to announce the new PsiXpda. If size matters, then PsiXpda is the perfect UMPC for your Pocket, with a large TFT 5” 800x480 touch screen and a large back light QWERTY keyboard. PsiXpda gives you the full view of your Word and Excel files along with much more.

Take the weight off of your shoulders and migrate to PsiXpda. At less than 500g PsiXpda is the Ultimate UMPC. It comes full loaded with Windows XP Pro or Linux Ubuntu. When browsing the net is essential. PsiXpda is your Ultimate UMPC.

If you are a Psion PDA user, ask our team to assist you in moving your data from Psion Epoc format to PsiXpda.

Worried about the cost to you and your business due to your down time? Employ your local PDA service team and you will be back in business in as little as one working hour.

Bringing PDA service to you
Your smart move is to have your information at hand at all times. Club PDA is on hand for all your I-Mate, HP Ipaq, Apple Ipod, Psion support and repairs. Along side these products we have now included the Fujitsu Loox PDA’s.

We understand you so we have designed our repair facilities for your convenience.
In under two hours your HP Ipaq, Apple Ipod, XDA, Fujitsu Loox PDA and Psion can be repaired and you are welcome to wait, if you have the time.


Our Valued Customers Include:

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Love your PsiXpda

PsiXpda is designed to be flexible and easily adoptable for the work force and professionals. What better a way to take notes and keep in contact with friends and family whilst at College or University than using your PsiXpda.

Customer Comments:

As a photographer, I have found PsiXpda invaluable. Images from my camera are downloaded to the PsiXpda, giving me the ability to travel lighter and without the more expense and cumbersome laptop.

As a seasoned traveller; I depend on a host of mobile communicators to keep my business in touch. Where I use to struggle to unpack at the airport, I now simply hand over my leather wallet containing my PsiXpda and with no extra time I now travel light, with no losses in communication.

Having your customers’ records on such a small device is really handy.

Larger devices tend to put you at risk. PsiXpda fits in your pocket and gives the same value as its larger counterparts, this is a device that all doctors must have.


Features at a glance
Large TFT 5” 800x480 Touch Display
Full QWERTY keyboard
Windows XP Pro Operating System
Mouse pad
USB2 Compatible
Wifi and Bluetooth


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  • Are you worried about the time it will take to repair your XDA, XDA II ?.
  • Make an appointment with Club PDA and experience our technician at work as they return your PDA back to full working order.
  • Worried about the cost to you and your business due to your down time ?, employ your local PDA service team and you will be back in business in as little as one working hour.
  • Club PDA will replace the damaged or broken display (LCD) on your XDA, XDA II range of (LCD) or broken sync connector.
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